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Thermal Solutions

COVID-19 Compliant 2020.

Thermo Solutions are an effective way to keep your business up and running safely even during a pandemic like the COVID-19. Body Temperature Solutions help you to protect your employees and clients and keep your business open. Now you can manage your company’s concerns at your point of entry efficiently, effectively, and easily using our advanced temperature sensing technologies. Temperature stations help keep your team safe and healthy. Our integrated wrist temperature measurement stations make it fast and easy to help you keep your team, vendors and customers healthy and secure. Our thermographic fever screening system helps keep your team safe and healthy. Our thermographic fever screening system allows you to scan large groups of people. Extended range face detection to help maintain acceptable social distancing. Blackbody ensures a high level of accuracy in temperature measurement. Keeping your business, a trusted business

Advantages of temperature detection

Facial Detection with temperature alarm for heavy traffic areas 
• Schools 
• Hospitals 
• Offices 
• Nursing homes

What is bi-spectrum radiometric technology?

Using HD video camera and thermal camera side by side looking at the same field of view. This will create an output that includes video and metadata together. When combined with advanced artificial intelligence it gives sensible information on multiple objects at the same time.

Black Body Calibrator

The black body is a standard temperature source used for temperature calibration. When taking temperature measurement, it is greatly affected by environmental factors by having a fixed temperature blackbody in the field of view gives the camera calibrated accuracy in real-time.

Typical ceiling mount installation

Perfect Scenario